The Graff Stealth Faucet Adds a Little Edge to Your Washroom Aesthetic

 - Oct 14, 2011
References: graff-faucets
Washrooms are not always the places where people begin design experimentation in their homes, but they really should be when you consider the potential bound in the details of each necessary element. The Graff Stealth Faucet is one of those small but absolutely crucial components in a bathroom, fulfilling a basic and key function while demonstrating the exciting possibility of way taps can take form.

Available in a sleek silver steelnox and a chic polished chrome, the sharp geometric plumbing fixture fills the role of a focal point in the powder room. After all, the sink probably gets the most attention. Existing as a utility and an artistic sculpture all in one, the Graff Stealth Faucet mesmerizes its user with its angular reflective surfaces and its diamond-shaped handle.