GQ Regrets

 - Oct 13, 2007
GQ looks back and laughs at issues from the past containing hilarious and often ridiculous styles that could have been in a Don't-Be-Caught-Dead-Wearing column now. The leading men's magazine collects all of their "GQ Regrets" columns from past issues.

"We're not proud of the images you're about to see," the magazine wrote. "But we're proud of you, the GQ reader, for taking one look at pictures like these and saying, 'You've got to be kidding'â€"and for still looking to us for guidance, even after we told you it was cool to leave the house dressed like a sex-dungeon proprietor, or a Renaissance Faire pimp, or the distinguished ambassador from the Sovereign Nation of Polyestra."

In earlier times, men interested in fashion didn't have the internet as a resource for style tips, and thus turned to magazines for advice. It was during those times that prestigious magazines like GQ were at the forefront of presenting looks in vogue.