'Telegrams from Ron' was Inspired by the Hilarious 'Texts from Hillary' Tumblr

Inspired by the recent 'Texts from Hillary,' featuring U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sending and receiving a barrage of snarky, hilarious texts, the live blog 'Telegrams from Ron' plays on GOP candidate Ron Paul's out-of-touch communication methods. Political satire blogs have been popping up everywhere recently, especially in light of the ongoing Republican primaries and the upcoming U.S general Presidential election.

Making light of Ron Paul's, ahem, lengthy experience, Telegrams from Ron pokes at his significant age difference between fellow Republican candidates. While this blog is intended for humor and comedic effect, it ends up acting as commentary on Paul's lack of modern vision in the current GOP race. Political blogs serve the purpose of exposing gaps or weak points of candidates, and in this case, it does so with a hilarious twist.