New Search Result Views

 - Feb 9, 2008
References: google & technologyreview
Google fixes search. It wasn't broken, but Google just does that.

Now Googlers can make results look different when they search. If you are able to sign up, you can switch between links, or see your results mapped, put on a time line or narrowed by filters.

"With these views, Google's technology extracts key dates, locations, measurements, and more from select search results so you can view the information in a different dimension," Google explains.

"Timeline and map views work best for searches related to people, companies, events and places. Info view shows all the data found for each result, to help you select the best choice."

Google says their competitors have tried offering unique search engine alternatives but none have caught on, the majority of searchers still opting to use Google.

"Search engines must accommodate a wide range of users, from the novice to the savvy," Technology Review offers as an explanation. "Less experienced users tend to get distracted when more information is presented on the screen.

Most people are just looking for a quick answer, the majority aren't seeking an detailed wealth of information. "People are familiar with a decade-old interface and, as creatures of habit, they are reluctant to try something new," Technology Review added.

But, Google likes to keep tweaking things, they constantly strive for perfection, which is precisely why we love them.