Test Your Google Mapping Skills with GeoGuessr and Explore the World

 - May 14, 2013
References: geoguessr & kottke.org
Discover the world beyond any passport and border limitation or travel expenses with the GeoGuessr game, which uses Google mapping to create an interactive experience.

A random image will pop up from somewhere in the world, plopping the player in the middle of an intersection or side road that may be completely foreign and exotic to them. With a dragging tool, the player can pan the screen and get a 360-degree view around them, looking for hints and clues in the landscape and in any visible signage. Well-seasoned travelers will be able to test their memory and worldly knowledge while the rest of us can learn more about the various vistas that exist on this gorgeous planet.

Google mapping becomes a fun and educational tool with the GeoGuessr online game.