The Goodbye Wallets Infographic Introduces Near Field Communication

 - Aug 8, 2011
References: gplus & dailyinfographic
Every year, cellphones become more and more capable of unimaginable things that stretch the boundaries of communication from photographing to mapping to browsing, and the Goodbye Wallets infographic charts the future of mobile phones as digital wallets set to make driver’s licenses, credit cards, car keys and other such possessions obsolete.

Through the use of near field communication (NFC) chips, companies are revolutionizing the way we shop by replacing wallets with smartphone applications that store the necessary information we carry around. Forget losing your wallet, this technology means you can just call it!

Implications - The evolution of technology is centered on convenience. Consumers expect their devices to be multi-functional, minimizing the amount of things they have to carry around and remember at any given time. As technology continues to expand, the capacities of smartphones and computers are rising to new heights.