This Infographic Outlines the Good and Bad Habits of Smart People

This new infographic by informs readers of the good and bad habits of smart people. The infographic features influential thinkers in various spheres (science, business and music), such as Ben Franklin or Bill Gates. Each one of these historical figures experienced failure at some point – for example, Thomas Edison made over a thousand attempts at the light bulb before he was successful – but they persevered. Unfortunately, ‘smart people’ such as these thinkers also have their fair share of negative qualities or bad habits.

The infographic says that those with a high IQ often can’t turn their brain off when it comes to going to bed, so they’re up often up late. Sleep deprivation is linked to a laundry list of maladies including depression and obesity. If you want to evaluate your habits and see how they measure up, check The Good and Bad Habits of Smart People infographic.