These Golf Shoes Help You Keep a Grip on the Green with Free Toe Design

 - Jan 28, 2014
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Golf shoes are notoriously some of the least sporty shoes in all of sports, often looking more like dress shoes. These Vibram golf shoes don't completely remedy the class over sport issue, but they definitely won't confuse anybody when they see you dominating on the green.

Toe shoes have two demographics, people that absolutely can't stand their design, and others who swear by them. The shoes do have their uses though, and grip and comfort is at the forefront of people's minds. Sliding, drag and grip can be an issue in the follow through of golfers, and that's where the Vibram golf shoe shines.

The shoe maintains the classic double upper style of most classic golf shoes while also giving unparalleled control over movement for the golfer. You won't be winning many style contests with these shoes, but you may be able to secure a couple more birdies.