Golem 13 Mixed the Past with Present Day

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: golem13.fr & designtaxi
The Golem 13 team created a new series of photographs that blends vintage photos of Paris with pictures of the present day.

The old pictures are from the 1900s. The mashed up photos are a demonstration of how much the city has changed in a century. We get to see which monuments have stood the test of time, the evolving styles of Parisians and the constant change in vehicle design. It is strange to see the black and white ghost-like figures of the past blended so seamlessly with the colorful, vibrant members of the future.

These photos are ideal for history lovers who would appreciate such a candid comparison of past and present. Not to mention it makes you wonder what would these photos look like in the next century when we become the ghostly figures of the past?