Gogol Mogol Lets You Instantly Create Hard Boiled Huevos

 - May 30, 2012
References: kian.ru & tuvie
Gogol Mogol is a creative egg container/cooker designed to turn normal eggs into hard boiled eggs in just a few minutes. Gogol Mogol was created by KIAN, a Russian branding and design firm. The futuristic packaging works using layers of 'smart materials' to turn a normal egg into a hard boiled egg.

The first layer of the Gogol Mogol egg is its cardboard covering. The second layer is home to the smart materials. Between the smart materials and the catalyst sits a thin membrane with a tag. When the tag is pulled, the smart materials and the membrane combine, heating up the egg. After a few minutes, the egg is fully cooked and ready to eat. KIAN's Gogol Mogol is still a concept, but hopefully the day comes soon when hard boiled eggs can be made simply by pulling a tag. The whole boiling eggs in a pot thing is so 20th century.