'Go Cottonelle, Go Commando' Promotes a New Level of Clean

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: adweek
'Go Cottonelle, Go Commando' is a new and daring campaign by the bathroom tissue brand. Promoting its CleanRipple paper design, the company suggests that its product provides a level of clean that can't be rivaled by competitors.

Offering a superior level of clean, Cottonelle's product is presented in a set of humorous and brutally honest commercials that encourage real participants to "go commando." While some audiences have responded negatively to the risque campaign, its fearless theme and carefree tone makes it a winner among millennials who are less likely to fear bathroom activity discussions.

While most bathroom tissue brands opt for sentimental marketing tactics, Cottonelle has decided to push boundaries in a more risque way. Though some may disagree with the direction of this campaign, most younger demographics will view it as liberating rather than inappropriate and can't deny its bold impact on audiences thus far.