The Glückspilz Cake Has Decorative Mushrooms Representing Good Fo

 - Jan 23, 2013
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If you want to start off the new year with some good luck why not try out this Glückspilz cake that is topped with some "lucky mushrooms."

While every body has their particular superstitions about good luck, such as uncovering a four-leaf clover or finding money on the floor, in Germany many regard lucky mushrooms or what's called 'Glückspilz' as their source of good fortune. Featured on the blog site 'Funkytime,' this lucky mushroom cake is a creative way to start off the new year with some good luck. Simply a scrumptiously delicious cake topped with some adorable animated-looking mushrooms, this Glückspilz cake is a great way to represent good fortune in the new year.

This unique cake design is perfect for those who enjoy sweet treats, and for those looking for that extra bit of good luck.