The Glow Magazine 'Hello, Sunshine' Photoshoot Stars Rachel Alexander

The Glow Magazine 'Hello, Sunshine' editorial shows women that one-piece swimsuits can be just as sexy as two-pieces. From deep plunges to sheer cutouts and more, they are in fact more sensual since it leaves much more to the imagination than bikinis.

Giving the beachwear a glamorous twist, makeup artist and hairstylist Tony Masciangelo focuses on giving model Rachel Alexander a luxe look with deep red lips, dark eyes and a slicked back coif. The brunette beauty was outfitted by fashion editor Juliana Schiavinatto, who chose to showcase high-fashion swimsuits for the Glow Magazine 'Hello, Sunshine' photoshoot.

Shot by Arkan Zakharov with creative direction by Daniel MacKinnon, the Glow Magazine 'Hello, Sunshine' editorial was captured on location at a Florida beach. The bright blue skies and white sands are the perfect backdrop.