Hirota Glass Shop Designs Naturally Elegant Glass Vessels

Tinged a cool aquamarine blue, these glass vessels from the Hirota Glass Shop are inspired by natural elements and textures.

This intriguing collection includes glasses, tumblers as well as taller pitchers which can also be used as elegant flower vases and as decorative glass sculptures. All along the smooth glassware, ripples interrupt the pristine silhouettes, creating a bamboo branch-like texture which adds exotic flair to the sculptural collection.

The delicate curvature of the bamboo style is complimented by the angled opening of each vessel, making this a collection for those who enjoy the irregularities of nature. Hirota Glass Shop creates these beautiful glass vessels in several sizes so they can be packaged in different sets and given as hostess gifts, housewarming presents and wedding gifts as the bamboo symbolizes luck.