Audible Snow Footsteps Inspired the Glass Christmas Ornaments

 - Dec 3, 2014
References: & mocoloco
These colorful glass Christmas ornaments will give your Christmas tree a playful, modern and artistic vibe. By Studio Nocc, MIX tree decorations for the Centre International d'Art Verrier (CIAV) in Meisenthal, France combine local glass blowing traditions with audio recording technology. Their shape comes from the sound waves made from recording the sound of a footstep in the snow.

As many have nostalgic feelings about the crunch of walking on fresh snow, it makes sense that these tradition-celebrating glass Christmas ornaments incorporate this element. Designed for the international center for glass arts, the Mix tree ornaments have a contemporary shape and incorporates the sound wave in 3D.

A team of seven glass blowers made 7000 unique ornaments using a steel mold at Meisenthal's CIAV workshop.