The Glass 1989 'Mawi' Bathtub Offers a Total Body Massage

 - Mar 29, 2018
References: glass1989 & homecrux
The Glass 1989 'Mawi' bathtub has been developed as a revolutionary fixture for the bathroom that will provide users with an ultra-relaxing experience to keep them feeling fresh and stress-free.

The tub incorporates a hydromassage design that will work out tension and help you to relax fully when you decide to hop in for a short while to forget your troubles. The bathtub is outfitted with Skinsublime technology that will help to enrich the water with oxygen-rich microbubbles that will permeate the skin to help with cell regeneration. This helps you to look even more refreshed, hydrated and relaxed when you come out to have you ready to face your next task with ease.

The Glass 1989 'Mawi' bathtub comes in two models and features an exclusive system that will clear the pipes of water to prevent unpleasant odors from developing.

Image Credit: Glass 1989