The Lacy 'Girl Inspired' Craft Will Make Littles One Feel Fairytale Worthy

This 'Girl Inspired' craft will make you a perfect addition to upcoming sleepovers or tea parties in the garden. While this craft is both fun and easy to make these gorgeous crowns will make whomever is wearing them feel like a fairytale princess.

If you choose to make this Girl Inspired craft keep in mind that both vintage and modern lace pieces can be used. In order to stiffen the lacy pieces fabric stiffener needs to be worked into the fabric and set to dry overnight. After this the crowns can be shaped, sculpted and cut to a resemble a crown of your choice. For those looking to add some additional color or sparkle, these crowns can be painted with gold, silver and pearl colors.

Now your little ones don't have to pretend to be princesses, as they have the crowns to prove it.