The Giorgio Armani FW12 Collection Hones in on High Style and Comfort

The Giorgio Armani FW12 collection offers looks that are acceptable in formal environments while maintaining an element of badass finesse. There are many blacks, grays and deviations in shades from the two prominent hues in this collection. The models are wearing looks of deep conviction that seem to stand out as much as their somewhat shiny get-ups.

The outfits have been designed right down to the gloves (a personal favorite) in which selected fingers have been chopped to expose a little skin texture against the darkened clothes. Armani also seems to have furthered an interest in highly detailed solid boots that match the shining jackets worn by the models.

The snakeskin ensembles, alongside their metallic aura will have all males wishing to mystify passersby during this year’s cold season. The Giorgio Armani FW12 collection is a must-see for trend-setting shoppers.