The Hint of Vanilla Gingerbread Cabin Resembles a Faux Getaway Home

The Hint of Vanilla Gingerbread Cabin is reminiscent of an actual cottage that one would find in the woods. Accompanying the step-by-step recipe post is a short video, allowing readers to follow the guide with visual ease.

Present in this Gingerbread Cabin are ingredients that one would expect to see, including granulated sugar, ginger, ground allspice and molasses. Icing sugar and egg whites are used to adhere the edible walls together, making for a sturdy dessert structure.

Cabin-like elements stem from the decor surrounding the treat. Present on the table are cinnamon sticks stacked like wood logs and tree branches, making it seem as if the entire confection is literally set in the woods. This look can be furthered depending on how one garnishes the Hint of Vanilla Gingerbread Cabin.