The 'Momtract' Gift for Moms Gives Back Power Over Progeny

 - May 13, 2013
References: themomtract & fastcocreate
The 'Momtract' is the perfect Mother's Day gift for moms who feel powerless. After children grow up, mothers lose their power and influence. This legally binding contract gives moms back a little bit of that lost control.

With the 'Momtract,' you can legally bind yourself to do one thing that your mother asks of you. Some options include "eat better" and "quit smoking." You can also go for something a little more unique like "stop having your secretary lie to me" or "have that god awful tattoo removed."

After picking the terms of your legally binding Mother's Day present, you can choose to beautify your contract with a custom background. Choices like 'oink oink love' and 'wildflower sunrise' will add that extra little flair to your gift.