This Amazing Photo of a 3,200-Year-Old Giant Sequoia is Mesmerizing

 - Apr 30, 2014
References: michaelnicknichols & lostateminor
This giant sequoia is so awe-inspiring that it even has its own nickname, ‘The President.’ The President is one of the world’s largest trees, standing a scarcely believable 75.3 meters tall, 8.2 meters wide and measuring over a 1,000 cubic meters in volume. And here’s the kicker—it’s around 3,200-years-old, meaning it has been around for the equivalent of 110 generations of human life.

The tree is so huge that it was never depicted in a single photograph until just recently. National Geographic photographer Michael Nichols managed to create a photograph of the tree that was stitched together from 126 individual photos taken over a period of 32 days. The end result is a breathtaking image of one of nature’s most impressive and prized creations, a giant sequoia that continues to go strong at the ripe old age of 3,200.