These Accessories From the Ghostly Store are Wrinkly

 - Mar 27, 2012
References: theghostlystore
The Ghostly Store has a collection of bags that are engrossed in creases and crevices. The slate-gray accessories are otherwise sleek and modern, giving you the feel that your new bag has already been broken in.

The bags come in a variety of types as well; from simple laptop sleeves to carry-on bags to knapsacks, the Ghostly Store has one's needs covered. The bags also vary in style. Some bags have the wrinkles of an octogenarian sea-captain with a penchant for Marlboro cigarettes and scotch -- in a good way, of course. Essentially, the creases add character to each piece from the collection.

All this talk of aging may lead one to believe these Ghostly Store bags are past their prime. Quite the opposite, these accessories are the definition of hip: they are prim but not severe, curious but not overly eccentric and, last but not least, functional.