Georgios Dimitriou Paints Images of a Bleak, But Endearing, Cyborg

You’d think that a series depicting a futuristic red robot would be rendered to look sleek and mechanical, but the opposite is true of these Georgios Dimitriou illustrations -- and that’s precisely what gives these images its charm. The gritty, imperfect and analog look of these entrancing paintings are a breath of fresh air in comparison to the ultra-refined depictions of robots regularly seen in mainstream media. It’s this calculated design choice that makes Dimitriou’s series much more worthwhile than standard computer-generated artistry.

Curiously, Georgios Dimitriou renders his red robot in various sizes and shows his peculiar subject as an infant and as a hulking technological beast. Giving this strange character the ability to mature and grow older and physically larger endears viewers to it as it exemplifies human-like qualities, such as aging.