Geometry is God by Material Lust Reinterprets Ancient Symbols

 - Jun 17, 2014
References: material-lust & design-milk
Geometry is God by Material Lust, a New York-based design studio founded by Lauren Larson and Christian Lopez Swafford, is a home decor collection that embraces the ancient symbols of paganism and alchemy. A preview of the collection was released earlier this year, but it has since been added to.

Comprised of the Tree of Life Ladder, Portmanteau coat rack, Pagan Candelabra, Alchemy Table, Pagan Chair, Ankh Hand Mirrors, Retort Vanity and Alchemy Alter Candelabra, Geometry is God by Material Lust introduces a dark element into the home without being too overwhelming. Although it targets those who are into the world of wicca, the minimalist lines and sculptural undertones can be appreciated by many people. This is especially the case since the pieces are also practical.