Geometries by Leandro Ramos Features Sophisticated Ensembles

Geometries by Leandro Ramos, a photographer hailing from Brazil, is a photoshoot that deserves to grace the walls of an art gallery as much as the pages of a magazine. It features stunning architectural shots alongside equally stunning fashion. Captured completely in black and white, an air of drama and mystery heightens the raw nature of each image while also giving it a dystopian edge reminiscent of the cult classic 'Blade Runner.'

Despite its grayscale palette, Geometries by Leandro Ramos is a lesson in light and shadows. Model Lucy Horn is as much adorned by them as she is by the outfits styled by André Monteiro. The structured and sophisticated ensembles mimic the geometric qualities of the setting. The looks were pulled from the likes of Max Mara, Vitorino Campos and Fernanda Yamamoto.