These Items by Daphna Lauren Bring Beauty to Eating

 - Mar 16, 2013
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It's a beautiful thing when art and geometry mix, and possibly the greatest thing about Daphna Lauren's latest mathematically inspired series of cut and serve Grid Planks is that we finally can add food to the equation.

Founded during Lauren's grid studies, these planks are made out of thick beech wood and work to support Lauren's instructions to "cut on the smooth, serve on the grid." Featuring a smooth facade intended for cutting, simply flip your Grid Plank over to use the side scored with horizontal and vertical lines for presentation.

Each of Daphne's four Grid Plank designs arrive with special instructions on the types of oils needed to treat these lavish wooden surfaces in order to prolong your product's life. These Grid Planks make for wonderful carving and serving stations that serves to transform your food into art pieces.