From Margarita Watermelon Pops to Mayo Margaritas

 - Feb 26, 2014
In honor of National Margarita Day, here are a few ideas for margarita cocktails and related margarita cocktail innovations. Margarita cocktail drinks are a summer favorite and a party must. The drink has been made famous by popular TV shows such as Sex and the City. The drink is often classified as "girly," however it packs a punch. If you aren't careful, the tequila Cointreau combination will go straight to your head.

The summery fruity drink is often paired with lemon or lime for a zesty taste, which complements tequila so well. Margarita cocktail-inspired innovations range from DIY tequila-infused drunken gummies to mayonnaise-infused margarita drinks. You can get extremely creative with margarita cocktails. You can make DIY spiked watermelon pops that taste just like watermelon flavored margaritas. Margarita cocktails are so popular there are even purse pouches that feature the drink design all over its exterior.