The Pink and Blue Project

 - Apr 28, 2008
References: jenkinsjohnsongallery & luxuryculture
“The Pink and Blue Project” recently seen at the Jenkins Johnson Gallery in New York City, is a humorous collection of photographs which are according to Luxury Culture, “astute reflections on gender consumerism and aesthetics.”

South Korean artist JeongMee Yoon was inspired by her 5 year old daughter, Seowoo, who like most little girls, loves pink: clothes, toys, bedding, school supplies, apparently everything. Yoon amassed Seowoo with her belongings and transformed her bedroom into a princesses pink palace. JeongMee subsequently photographed other children surrounded by their possessions, the outcome validating age-old stereotypes.

The question that remains is whether these are genuine inherent preferences of children, or the influence of marketing.