Kid Drops Out of High School to Focus on Guitar Hero

 - Aug 17, 2008
References: newsobserver & kotaku
Like many other boys his age, 16-year old Blake Peebles loves to play Guitar Hero; unlike other boys his age, his parents let him quit school to focus on playing the popular video game competitively. After complaining endlessly to his parents that attending private school was a waste of time, the Peebles let Blake drop out--under the condition that he continue his education with private tutors.

Top gamers can earn more than $80K a year if they sign a lucrative contract with Major League Gaming. Most competitive gamers, however, make between $20K-$30K. Terry Lindle, a 23-year-old competitive gamer from Illinois quoted in a profile on Peebles for The News & Observer, estimates that his total gaming career pay is $25,000.

Incidentally, Peebles owns no real guitars and doesn’t know how to play a stringed guitar. He doesn’t need to. This video clip is posted from Peebles’ page.