The Garlic Press' Gets More Out of Your Ingredients with Less Mess

 - May 7, 2013
References: apostrophe-ivandesign
I don't know about you, but I often opt to chop my cloves with a knife rather than prepare them for cooking in a typical garlic press. Finally, the frustrating features of this common kitchen implement are eliminated in the A'postrophe Garlic Press' design.

Like other utensils of its sort, the culinary contraption has a pair of handles that are intended to be squeezed together. What you have instead of one indented receptacle, however, is a much broader curved surface with perforations that let more crushed garlic through. The component that compresses the bulbs can get right up against that surface to encourage greater yield.

What's different about the A'postrophe Garlic Press' is that it integrates a scraper on the outside. As you open and close the utensil, the escaping ingredient is scooped off and into your dish, not requiring your fingers or a knife.