Pyramat Sound Rocker

 - Feb 5, 2007
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If you do a lot of time sitting on your backside, then the Pyramat Sound Rocker will be the Rolls Royce of seating facilities to you. This state-of-the-art gaming seat allows you to hear and feel the action from your video games, music and movies like you've never felt them before! Well, um, you wouldn't have felt them before without the Pyramat Sound Rocker.

This ergonomically designed piece of genius has three integrated speakers; twin 8watt speakers situation in the headrest, a powerful 30watt subwoofer is located underneath the seat so you can feel every bullet, blast and boot to enhance the immersive experience of whatever it is you're watching or listening to. Whether it be a game of sport on TV, a video game or just your favourite CD, the Pyramat Sound Rocker will literally knock your socks off. Not only is this an awesome feat of technical genius, but the Pryamat Sound Rocker is lined with soft PVC to make sure your rear end gets the cushioning it deserves for those long hours in front of the TV.