Gamer Style Cigarettes Show Your State of Health Right on the Smoke

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: & obviouswinner
A gamer-inspired anti-smoking campaign shows your life meter and encourages you to quit. Each cigarette features the classic Mario heart life meter. Every puff you take lessens the lives you have, signifying your current state of health.

According to obvious winner, "This design concept was intended to make you really and truly see that you are ending yourself each time you light up, GAMER STYLE."

Each cigarette features six hearts and near the end has written, ‘continue? Y/N.’ These cigarettes may just be that extra incentive smokers need to kick the habit, perfectly targeting young smokers -- the most difficult group to speak to when a cause is concerned.

Though hopes are high for the effectiveness of this campaign, one can't help but be concerned as to whether it will have the opposite effects, reeling gamers into smoking.