This Funny Superbowl Video Features Geeks Badly Explaining Football

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: mashable
Get ready for Superbowl Sunday by watching this funny Superbowl video, in which seven nerdy individuals poorly explain football terms and rules. This comical football tutorial will likely hit a nerve with geeky guys and gals everywhere. As someone who doesn't know a thing about football, I find this short video particularly amusing.

While these folks don't seem to know what the blue line is, what a blitz is, or what a Hail Mary means they can tell you who's playing the half-time show (which is pretty funny). The inaccurate explanations given by these non-sports fans are guaranteed to make football lovers chuckle. One of the featured nerds mistakes a blitz for a sweet pastry-style breakfast, and another individual compares cornerbacks to wingmen.

This laugh-inducing football video is guaranteed to start your Superbowl experience off on the right foot.