Kalle Mattsson's Funny Posters Combine the Faces and Names of Two Celebs

These funny posters depict mashups of celebrities' faces as well as their names. Created by artist Kalle Mattsson, the hybrid images are viewable on his Tumblr Buffalo Bill Gates. This includes real life celebs like Marilyn Monroe and Rowan Atkinson, who together become Marilyn Monrowan Atkinson. Fictional characters and even cartoons are also incorporated. For example, Spock and Pocahontas are Spockahontas and Miley Cyrus combined with a bright yellow smile sticker becomes Smiley Cyrus.

Where as in some of the funny posters you can clearly make out two distinct faces and a harsh line where they come together, others appear almost flawless and a new human comes into being. This is the case with Quentin Tarantino and Tina Turner (Quentin Tarantina Turner) as well as Yoko Bono.