These Funny Photobombs Feature Monsters Matching Real People

 - Jan 23, 2014
References: matchingmonsters & thecoolector
A funny photobomb requires talent, skill and timing. In these photobombs though, the main ingredient is good Photoshop skills. These Matching Monster pictures capture cartoon monsters interacting with the public.

The project allows people to send in pictures of themselves doing whatever they want and they will receive a photo back with a monster acting in much the same way as the original person in the photo was. Seeing a street performer accompanied by his green-skinned counterpart is a fun and inventive way to re-imagine basic photography.

These funny photobombs see monsters of all shapes and sizes doing different tasks related to the scenery. One is seen tanning on the beach, another is getting pulled away by balloons and one is seen just casually waiting for the bus. These monsters aren’t just mimicking their real-world counterparts -- they’re living the same life.