These Functional Pottery Pieces are Made of Non-Toxin Materials

Prettily freckled functional pottery by Sunspots Pottery is created using materials free of toxins. While each product is intricately designed and made on a potter's wheel like a piece of art, all teapots, mugs, butter dishes or dip sets are sturdy and safe for dishwashers and microwaves.

The warm tones of the pottery will add a toasty feel to your kitchen. Theses minimalistic earthy pieces are finished off with a subtle glaze -- beneath which we see speckles like a robin's egg or sun-kissed freckles.

The Sunspots studio was specially designed in a dome shape for optimal kiln use and storage. The studio is open for visits and is two hours from the city of Toronto. All pieces are crafted by hand by the two owners who are long-time potters.