This Recipe Brings the Street Fair to Your Backyard

 - Oct 28, 2014
References: thekitchn
This frozen lemonade recipe will make you recall memories of the street fair, wandering through the crowds alternating between corn dogs and snow cones.

The concept is like that of a granita, a frozen Italian dessert with a coarse, flaky texture. The recipe is simple; all you need is water, granulated sugar and lemon juice (6-8 lemons worth). First, melt the sugar and water together in a saucepan to create a syrupy texture. While it cools, squeeze the lemon juice and dilute with water. Combine the lemonade and syrup; adding more or less water or sugar to achieve your optimal sweetness. Pour the lemonade into a baking dish and freeze.

Once you're ready to serve, scrape the frozen lemonade into a glass with a fork.