‘From Robot to Human’ Gives Tips and Tricks to Optimize We

 - Sep 13, 2012
References: alchemyviral
The ‘From Robot to Human’ infographic maps out the timeline of Google’s attempts to combat web spam and offers useful hints at what updates may come.

In its continuous effort to penalize SERP-hungry ‘web spammers,’ Google has come up with a few algorithm updates that, if you are not aware of them, may actually hurt your website search engine ranking. Such updates include Google Panda, implemented in 2011, which targets sites such as blogs trying to maximize SEO resulting in low-quality content.

To stay ahead of the trend and prevent your website from being considered web spam by future algorithm updates, the ‘Robot to Human’ infographic suggests focusing on the content of your posts rather than the best way to optimize search engine results. Other tips include regularly updating your content to stay relevant and linking to websites with large social connections.