A Collection Of The Bizarre

An online collaborative encyclopedia of the freakishly absurd is gaining rapid popularity as it grows. Frikipedia, is a summary of all human knowledge (the third most intelligent species on Earth) and that of the dolphins (that are the second most intelligent).

This site consists of a bunch of quirky, bizarre and offbeat facts that'll let you enjoy a good time chuckling as you peruse the web. The aim of the site is to create a collaborative encyclopedia like Wikipedia, but that tries, in vain, to write about human wisdom with a touch of sarcasm. Some articles achieve this task, while other definitely don't.

The articles in this delirious "virtual Alexandria" tend not to be serious, however and should be taken with a grain of salt. The site ranks false biographies. The articles have spelling mistakes. The company sells t-shirts with the slogan, "existential doubts of mankind".

So far, it is just available in Spanish.