Fresh Baby Bites Provides Local & Delicious Baby Food

 - Jan 14, 2014
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San Francisco-based food lover and mother Kim Burns of Fresh Baby Bites was inspired by the desire to prepare the freshest, highest quality meals for her daughter Anna Mae. In response to the lack of fresh baby foods, she has created, a site that is dedicated to producing only the freshest baby foods for busy parents that don't have the time to prepare home-cooked meals. Fresh Baby Bites aims to provide local, organic baby food delivered to your door. The philosophy behind the baby food company is simple: to maximize the time you spend with your toddler and at the same time providing the nutrients your baby needs, instead of spending time in the kitchen peeling and grating.

Each week, the menu is different. From wholesome ingredients like veggie meatballs, Asian pears, butternut squash and persimmons; Fresh Baby Bites uses only the freshest local ingredients of each season.