Fox Valley College is Using Video Games to Teach Criminology

 - Oct 21, 2011
References: thenorthwestern & gamepolitics
Whereas most students daydream in class about beating the final level of Halo, the criminology students at Fox Valley College have melded their curriculum with a fast-paced shooter.

Using video games for therapy, education or simply for pleasure isn't new; however, using a first-person shooter to train prospective police officers is certainly a novel idea. Yet, that's precisely what's happening at Fox Valley College, where the detectives-in-training are taught how to negotiate tricky scenarios like domestic disputes and robberies using a video game. The proprietary software, developed entirely for the purposes of academics, is used in tandem with the lessons of the professor, who in turn walks the students through each progressively challenging level. But don't become too invested, warns edutainment pioneer Kurt Squire, "Games will never replace teachers any more quickly than a book or film or radio."