This Fourth of July Infographic Encourages Fourth of July Safety

 - Jul 3, 2013
References: instantcheckmate & dailyinfographic
A new infographic has been released by Instant Checkmate encouraging Fourth of July safety for the coming long weekend, especially regarding fireworks. The 'July 4th in America' graphic reveals in which states fireworks are illegal, encouraged or limited to simple little sparklers.

The infographic also reveals how many people a year, on average, are injured by fireworks. In 2010, fireworks caused eight deaths and 60 injuries, leading to 36 million dollars in property damage. For this reason, Instant Checkmate encourages firework users to practice proper safety techniques when launching any brightly colored exploding rockets into their backyards. The rules are each illustrated with cartoon figures, who are shown getting injured as they make each error that the infographic warns against, such as lighting a firework close to the face.

While fireworks are beautiful to watch and are the perfect way to celebrate a national holiday, they are definitely dangerous creations. The 'July 4th in America' infographic will hopefully remind people to light their fireworks in a safe way, to make for a fun and lighthearted long weekend.