The Foscat-32 Folding Catamaran Harnesses Wind and Sun

 - Apr 13, 2011
References: adesignaward & designbuzz
You might be thinking that sailing is already a pretty low-emmission type of activity, but the Foscat-32 Folding Catamaran will really blow you out of the water -- literally. As soon as you scale up, sailboats will often adopt a motor for ease of operation if weather conditions are undesirable, but you'll be happy to note the fuel cell canvas that takes the place of the ship's mainsail.

Designer Hakan Gursu was very interested in finding a compromise between sea and skipper, and the hybrid double-hulled vessel was the result of such brainstorming. The solar panel sail feeds an onboard battery which powers the electrical functions of the watercraft, making the Foscat-32 Folding Catamaran a lightweight and easily transportable piece of aquatic equipment.