The For Your Eyes Only Mirror is Inspired by the Curl of an Eyelash

 - Jun 13, 2012
References: & design-milk
The For Your Eyes Only Mirror is a sliver of a looking glass that focuses more on form than on function. Not made for the vain at heart, this mirror is a piece of decor rather than furniture. Put into any room, it adds more light as well as the illusion of more space, even if it is only a slice of it.

Created by Belgian-based designer Bart Lens, the For Your Eyes Only Mirror is simple and delicate. The curve of the glass was crafted to mimic the curl of an eyelash. Although it is meant to be hung horizontally at eye level, the mirror can also be set vertically for even more dynamic dimension. Placed in living rooms, bathrooms or even bedrooms, the mirror is stunning to look at.