The Foot Warming Pad Prevents Frosty Grazes Against Another’s Feet

 - Nov 3, 2013
References: amazon & fancy
The extremities of your body—your hands and feet—can often get cold when temperatures outside drop because of the reassigned blood flow, which is where the heated comfy foot warming pad comes to the rescue.

The sheet is designed to be positioned under the fitted sheet, where the Sunbeam Heated Pad directly warms your feet while you sleep. Priced at $43, the foot warming pad is made from polyester, and is easily machine-washable. The pad has three heat settings to control and obtain the right toasty temperature for your feet. The foot warming pad measures 25 by 68 inches, and has an automatic shutoff feature. The pad guarantees that fleeting encounters with another person’s cold feet that freeze your blood in its tracks will no longer stop you sharing body heat.