Shay Aaron’s Miniature Food Sculptures are Scrumptious and Realisti

 - Feb 28, 2014
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The only problem with amazingly decorated food platters and dishes is that if you leave them, all the pretty food goes bad; however, if you want delicious miniature food sculptures that won’t go bad, Shay Aaron is your guy.

The Israeli artist is known for his incredible food jewelry creations on Etsy, but with his new miniature food sculptures (many are a scale of 1:12), he’s bound to get a following with his platters that look good enough to eat and promise to stay fresh no matter what. 

Using mostly polymer clay, Aaron’s yummy nomnom sculpture collection features cheese platters, fresh tropical fruit platters, Mexican food menus (nachos, guacamole dip and chips), cold cuts and olive platters and even fresh salmon with ice platters.

Think of any party platter, and Aaron will have a miniature version for you of it.