The Folding Silicone Container Transforms to Provide its Own Curved Lid

For efficiency in the kitchen, this folding silicone container comes with its own cap attached, eliminating the need to keep track of separate tupperware sets of bottoms and tops.

A product of Shane Schneck and Menu Design,sdks this flexible vessel is food-safe and ideal for holding all sorts of items, from seasonings, spices and snacks, to little knickknacks that may typically clutter one’s house. The rounded Phold Box can be filled up to its lowest edges, and closed up by popping the top tab downwards. The material has been cut to perfectly align its edges when sealed. The folding silicone container is available in a couple of different sizes and muted colours. The purist shapes and the monochromatic scheme keep your messes concealed and allow for a minimalist aesthetic to be kept in the home.