FOIL was Commissioned by Braun for the London Design Festival

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: layerdesign & core77
The FOIL exhibit uses light to transform its space at the Tapestry Gallery. Like an extended version of a sequined dress, FOIL is covered in tiny reflective mirrors that shoot light in myriad unpredictable directions, covering the walls of the gallery in a rippling display of luminosity.

As a concept, the FOIL exhibit is straightforward: the mirrors on it cover a length of fabric and reflect light beams. Since those mirrors are all independent from one another, they each reflect light at slightly different angles. What's most impressive about FOIL, though, is the scope of the installation. The fabric ribbon is 20 meters long, and it's covered in 50,000 centimeter-long triangular tiles. When stretched out and shined upon, the ribbon flutters freely, creating ever-changing light patterns on the walls of the gallery.