The Parajet Skycar

 - Jul 17, 2008
References: skycarexpedition
The Parajet Skycar, a biodiesel-powered, all-terrain dune buggy, doubles as a powered paraglider. It will be "the world's first carbon neutral flying car," according to the company.

The Skycar Expedition team installed a biodiesel-modified Yamaha R1 1000cc motorcycle engine in it and now plans to travel in the Parajet Skycar from London to Timbouctou in 2009.

"Using cutting edge technology a leading UK chemical engineer has succeeded in converting organic waste from landfill sites into synthetic Bio-fuel. This revolutionary process creates fuels with a zero carbon footprint," the project site says.

They say you can achieve flight in about three minutes.

"One pilot and one passenger will travel side by side and in 'road mode' the car will accelerate 0-100 kmph in 4.5 seconds, have a top speed of 180 kmph and a range of 400 km," Skycar explains. "In 'fly mode' the Parajet Skycar will have a take-off speed of 60 kmph, a top speed of 110 kmph and a range of 300 km. Cruising altitude will be 2000 â€" 3000 ft with a maximum altitude of 15,000 ft. Conversion from 'road mode' to 'fly mode' and visa-versa will take just three minutes."

The really cool thing is that you won't need a pilot's license to fly it.