The Fly Catcher Garbage Can Traps and Kills Pesky Bugs in Your Kitchen

 - Dec 13, 2013
Fruit fly problem? It happens to the best of us. The Fly Catcher Garbage Can provides an easy solution to solving your insect problem without the use of chemicals and unsightly traps. Designed by Chang Shih-hsun and Hung Jui-yuan, the most important part of the product is the lid of the receptacle.

The top of the trash bin actually comprises two separate parts that fasten together easily. Beneath the cap is a shallow dish, and it's between these components that the bugs become caught and die. Both pieces have really tiny holes in them that make it simple to enter the chamber but extremely difficult to exit it once more. The Fly Catcher Garbage Can subtly lets out the smell of waste to attract the flies, but forbids traffic in the opposite direction.